Gun Cabinets
If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us with your idea.  I can build 4 gun, 6 gun, 8 gun... You name it, I
can make it for you!
I can also add custom carvings to your gun cabinet.  Deer, bears, turkeys, etc.  
Click on pictures to see them bigger

8 Gun Oak Gun cabinet This gun cabinet measures
about 3 feet wide by 6 and a half feet tall by 15
inches deep.  It holds 8 guns at a 45 degree angle so
they are displayed better than if they were straight
on.  Lower compartments have lots of room to hold
ammo and supplies.  Two halogen lamps shine down
on the guns to display them. All doors available with
keyed alike locks on them. Item shown is made of oak
and finished with golden oak/ gloss.
10 Gun oak gun cabinet. Similar to the 8 gun, but
much bigger.  This cabinet is almost 7 feet tall, 4 feet
wide, and 15 inches deep.  Guns are displayed at an
angle, and two lamps light up the upper case.  It also
features a drawer above the lower compartments.  
The  top of upper case is decorated with rosettes
and some fancy scroll work above the doors.  All
locks are keyed alike, so you don't have to sort
through a bunch of different keys.
22 gun oak gun cabinet.  This cabinet was built for a
fellow who collects guns, and wanted a nice way to
organize and display them.  This project measures
approx 7 feet long, 6.5 feet tall, and 2 feet deep.  A
revolving carousel in the center displays 8 guns, and
can be rotated from outside the cabinet.  7 guns can
be displayed on each side of the carousel, and are all
illuminated by 3 lights.  Lower case provides storage
in 3 locked compartments.  Doors are all inlayed with
walnut accents.  Finished in natural/gloss.
8 gun cabinets with drawers- These are a pair of 8
gun cabinets I made.  They are the same as the
one above, however, I made these a little taller and
put 2 drawers in the bottom.  The doors and
drawers lock with keyed alike locks, and the guns
are illuminated by 2 lights.
10 gun Carousel cabinet- The carousel holds 8
guns and can be rotated from outside the
cabinet.  Then 2 more guns can lean back into the
back corner shelf with the butts on the padded
blocks you see in the front corners.  It measures
about 6' 6" tall and about 34" deep.  The bottom
has shelves on each side of the center opening.  It
has 2 lights to display the guns.
15 gun oak gun cabinet-  This gun cabinet holds 15 guns. 7 in
the center section, and 4 on each side.  The slanted glass
front drawer has a lighted/padded display area for pistols.  
A custom relief carving of bears on the lower drawer front
adds character to this piece of heirloom furniture.  All the
doors and drawers are locked with keyed alike locks.  Xenon
lights illuminate the display areas.  Click on bears to the right
to see the detail!